Summer Studio Space

This summer, I was able to figure out a space that I am able to paint in.  We have an old barn that I persuaded my family into keeping and turned the straw loft into my own art studio space!  I am so lucky that I have a family that supports me, as an aspiring artist, and able to help make my dream a reality.

I am back to school now and my summer studio was a success!  I was able to make some really great pieces and experiment with my work.  Having my own studio space in the summer was a great experience for me and has helped me increase the number of paintings that I have.

Transforming this nearly 100-year-old barn took some work but it was a lot of fun!  My studio was situated in the old straw loft.  So we cleaned out all of the old straw and vacuumed some of the remaining dust.  My Grandpa and uncle put up a studio light and made an extra window to allow some more natural light to the space.  Then we slowly added some more furniture to the studio.  I got my grandparent’s old kitchen table up there and a spray booth to store my wet paintings to keep them safe from dust and bird feathers.  The barn also recently got a new roof  and now I won’t have to worry about any leaks for a long time.

It was so nice having my own little art retreat place to go to.  Especially this summer because it was so wet and rainy in the beginning.  I would spend hours at a time painting away.  This summer I started my cloud abstraction series.  I really like where my abstraction series is going and I plan on continuing it during the school year.  I really want to explore this cloud obsession and use of very painterly technique that I have recently gravitated towards to see how far it can be developed.  I plan on explaining more about my cloud paintings that I did this summer in the next post! So stay tuned for that!! I also will be talking about some of the projects that I am currently doing in my art classes this semester.  So until then enjoy some images from my summer barn studio experience!!