Head in the Clouds

I am finally writing about my abstact cloud series, yay!  This post is extra special to me since some of my favorite cloud paintings were put up in my own solo show at my school.  I am so happy that I finally got a show up in the student gallery on campus to show off just a part of what I have done in the begining of my art carrer.

In this series, I experimented with cloud abstraction painting. This series started in the summer of 2017 and was inspired by the many cloudy and raining days in June. The series started off as a random idea to put colors in white fluffy clouds, which then turned to be a lovely obsession. This body of work has gone through many changes as time has gone on. It first started as a relatively pastel series, which quickly transitioned into a very high contrast and lose work. It also went through a period where I used my left hand to paint after I had shoulder surgery. “Head in the Clouds” shows only a part of the many paintings that I have created and have helped me grow as an artist.

I have included some pictures of my  pieces in the show!  Hope you enjoy!