During these past couple weeks of Illustration I was able to have lots of fun experimenting with different materials and learned a lot of new techniques. 

When I first started with Gouache I was super intimidated and unsure if I liked this new type of paint.  However, as I continued to experiment and practice I really stared to enjoy it!  It was a great way to be introduced to begin this class.

After practice with Gouache we went onto Ink.  For the ink we work with creating different brushstrokes and mark making.  It was really great to experiment and try different things. Not having to worry about making a final piece, made messing around with the material way less stressful.  It showed the importance of how sometimes the mistakes we make can help create new textures and line-work.

At the end of this grouping of introductory assignments, I really gained a better understanding of the process for creating an illustration and all of the practice it takes.   When I see books and illustrations that are finished it is hard to remember that these artist have spent much of their time practicing and learning new techniques to better their art.  After the story book cover project I became more confident in my skills.