Illustration Portfolio

Gouache Introductions

Our first assignment introduced us to gouache paint, with this we were challenged to learn to work effectively with a new medium.  To do this, we practiced using gouache with a variety of different assignments; such as still life and self portraits.  For the final portion of this assignment we created a contemporary illustration for “The Three Little Pigs”.  I wanted to create a cover that was very bright and had nice contrast. I used a bright yellow background to make the light grey wolf and bright pink pigs pop.


Surface Design

For our surface design project, we needed to create two different yet related repeating patterns and present them with professional looking mock up images.  In this assignment, I created a bright pattern that had hidden faces throughout the design.  My intent for this pattern was to be used and seen on backpacks and pencil bags for a wide range of ages that enjoy bright and colorful patterns.  My supporting design was a simple black and white geometric pattern. After this assignment, I had my Hero pattern made into a pencil pouch that I can use everyday.

Editorial Illustration

In the Editorial Illustration project, we read Anne Helen Peterson’s article, “How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation”, which was published on Buzzfeed. From this article we had to create an illustration that would be the “featured image” and to mock up this image on several social media platforms.  When brainstorming ideas I created a list of themes or words that stuck out to me.  I then came up with the idea to create these two figures surrounded by a large list and with spiral eyes signifying a state a hypnosis.

Final Project

For my final project, I wanted to create a sticker sheet that consisted of 4 different characters that related to a theme but still have each character be able to stand-alone.  I went with the theme of personified hip-hop dogs.  With the four characters I also created smaller supporting gold bone stickers along with the theme title “Dawgs”.  Through this process I sketched the dogs and used adobe illustrator to finalize the sketches and create the brick wall background to complete the overall look and theme.