Arrow Wingdings

“Arrow Wingdings”

I am going slightly out of order on my pieces I finished but I really wanted to talk about this new piece that I have just completed.  Recently I have been incorporating symbols into my work.  I have been messing around with the idea of hiding things in plain sight and having deeper meanings to pieces that I create that may or may not be known to the viewer.  However, in this particular piece is an experimental piece that I created with leftover Wingding letters and tried a new glow in the dark spray paint.  I have used glow in the dark elements in a few paintings that I have created but they haven’t been as impactful as in this piece.  The arrows each have a different letter meaning but together they don’t spell out anything.  I was more interested in playing with the layering and directions of the arrows and how it showed when the lights were off.

The first layer is an entire can of extra glow spray paint, followed by two layers of acrylic paint, then a layer of applied paper arrows, Sharpie arrows in the empty spaces, and lastly dripped acrylic paint.  For “Arrow Wingdings”  I really wanted it to have interesting and varied layers with having certain glowing areas showing through while others being completely dark.  I have included my process pictures below!