This painting, Exclamation, is an experimental piece.  I wanted to create a piece that was very bright and obnoxious, by incorporating an excess of exclamation marks, which I myself am very guilty of doing but am not ashamed of.

I started off by painting random fun marks in the background with very bright, saturated colors; designing marks that were fun and interesting to serve as the background.  Next, I created a digital file of exclamation marks in illustrator and layered them multiple times and used that as a template that I copied on tracing paper with a sharpie.

My style lately is to create paintings that have digital and fine art elements mixed together, I feel this produces a harmonious painting with very different medias, shows the advancements we have made in technology in the art world and how we can use computers to aid in creating cohesive pieces.

Seeing the contrast between handmade objects and digital objects is really what is exciting to view in my pieces.  Having these two art forms working so well together shows that even though these forms are known to be very different art styles I see them as being the perfect complements of one another.

Enjoy my process images below!