Large work Small Parts

Going into this project I was super excited, I had three completely unrelated ideas swirling in my head while the assignment was being introduced. Then I decided to use my old shoes as the multiple surfaces. I love shoes, once I have a pair that I love I will wear them all the time until they are disgustingly trashed and worn out. As I was planning my idea and figuring out how I was going to tackle this task I knew that I wanted to incorporate the color gold into the piece and my signature use of painter’s tape to create sharp paint edges. As you can see in the process photos I originally was going have the shoes lined up. It wasn’t until I finished painting all of the shoes is when I knew I needed to change the composition of my piece. While I was painting there always seemed to be something missing and needed to be added I wasn’t sure what it needed, but I knew it needed something. I must admit that I wasn’t sure if I was happy with this piece, so much so that I wish that I only did the shoes gold like the one pair I had spray painted. It wasn’t until after I was messing around with the gold pair that my friend Katie said, “Hey I like how you placed the gold shoes.” Then it hit me and I ended up with the final piece, “What do you worship”. The name came to me when I was getting ready to post my finished image on my Instagram account. I guess the pressure of coming up with a cool caption made me dig deep into what I wanted my viewers to get out of the painting. I liked the idea of including the viewer into my piece and having them think about the things they enjoy and what is important to them. It also has a little bit of humor since I wanted to have the bright colored shoes appear as if they were worshiping the golden shoes. Now having finished the piece I am starting to like it more.  However, in the future, I might add more of my worn-out shoes to this piece to make it even bigger.