Layering Project Hibiscus

This second project that I created deals with a different style of layering.  I wanted to make this piece a triptic painting and have two similar canvases and one not as similar.  For the two canvases I made a very specific taped spiral pattern.  This gave the piece a very Saul Bass feel. For the third canvas I created simple jagged triangles, also using tape.  After completing the base layers of the canvases I began working on the stencil.  I knew that I wanted to create a Hibiscus flower stencil and the light blue background colors had a nice tropical feel to it, a perfect background for the Hibiscus.  When making the stencil I made it into a spiral pattern and drew the flowers smaller as the spiral got smaller, to help make a sense of depth.

For this particular piece I did not put a gesso layer down before spray painting.  This also caused a very different effect since the neon spraypaint had a hard time showing up on the black background.  When I was trying to spray on lots of spraypaint the orange got super runny and began to seep through my sencil cutout.  I let it dry for a little bit while I tried to think of ways to fix my mistake. Then I decided to spray black spray paint lightly over the stencil to make the flowers stand out again.  I managed to make this painting work out and I really like how it turned out.  Below you can see some of my process images and the finished piece.