Layering Project Roses

For this semester I am planing to work on a varitey of projects that deal with the theme of using layers. At the moment I have three different projects that I am currently working on.  All of these paintings have to do with the theme of layering in one way or another.

The first four paintings that I finished all have the same rose stencil on them.  For these pieces I was experimenting with different sizes, colors, and surfaces.  My first layered Rose was on Canvas, and I included my process images below.

After the great results I had with this first piece, I decided to create several other pieces using the same paper stencil that I created.  For the next three I used wood cradle panels that my grandpa made for me.  I liked the surface that the wood had for the acrylic paint, the paint went on very smooth and had a nice vibarance and interesting texture.  The only problem with these three is that I realized I bought a gloss black spray paint instead of a matte black spray paint.  It may not seem like a big deal but, the paint went on completly different.  However, it also may have been the fact that I was working on wood instead of canvas. I don’t really love the effect the glossy black had on the pieces, I wish I would of had time to run and get other spray paint but, overall they do have a nice graffiti style to them.

This was a nice little project to start with for the beginning of this semester and I am excited to see it continue to blossom (intentional flower pun).