Self-Portrait Digital Identity

The goal of this project was to portray oneself relating to the personal use of digital identity. So, I thought of the different social media platforms that I use and came up with the idea of using a picture I took and posted on Instagram. I feel that Instagram is the most “artistic” platform of social media I use. However, everyone’s Instagram looks pretty much the same. Instagram is all the same square images in the same organized way. So, I decided to paint my favorite selfie that I took in the passenger seat of a car, don’t worry I don’t take pictures while driving and had posted on my Instagram account. I took that image and decided to alter it to my personal style. My personal style includes the use of abstraction and a saturated color pallet.

To start, I taped off sections of my piece to create geometric shapes and then mapped out the plan of the painting. Originally I did include the words “Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear”. As I progressed through the painting I decided not to put the words back in. I instead decided to name the piece after the caption. I feel that if I had added the words then it would have taken away from the composition and the flow of the piece. I am glad that I made this choice.

Another item that I am really proud about was how it turned out in the end. This was my first ever self-portrait painting, and it was super daunting knowing that I needed to depict my face. I saved painting the value of my face till the very end. Then I just dove in and did it. Overall, this project really sparked my absolute love of painting. I love challenging myself in this medium, and in the future, I want to continue to make more portraits!

For fun, I also included an image of me, taking a selfie with my painting using the classic snapchat dog filter.