Series Project Part I

For my final series project, I decided to make paintings that had to do with abstraction and the use of painters tape.  For the first part of my project, I created three abstract paintings of landscape images that I have taken while flying in an airplane.

I enjoyed these specific images because of the high contrast that occurred in them.  I remember looking out the window and seeing this incredible view, so I quickly snapped some pictures. Usually, every time I fly and have a window seat I take a picture of the ground below. I think it is because I love flying so much and the sense of freedom and bliss I get every time I fly.

When starting sky 1 image I followed the sky pretty close and made it close to realistic.  I tried taping off the light areas with tape.  However, while finishing the piece I didn’t like how the sky and ground with the city lights were painted in two completely different styles, I was trying to get a big contrast however, it was too much of a contrast for this piece to work together as one composition. I left the piece the way it was for a couple days and went on to the sky 2 image.  Once I finished Sky 2 I restarted on Sky 1 and taped the painting off and created triangles and other geometric shapes to help relate it to the series.

I had a completely different approach with the second sky image.  I decided not to go realistic, but instead, use all abstract in the entire image.  I added one round area that mimics the single star in sky 2, but I made it larger so it kind of resembles the moon.

For Sky 3 I chose to combine the two styles of the realistic and abstract, to help bring this group of paintings together. Since I enjoy the sky in the first image I mimicked it in a few sections of the sky for this last painting.  It was a little challenging because the sky was really dark in the third picture, but I managed to make it work.  I also added more circles in this piece to include more points of interest and contrast.

I am glad how this section of my series worked out.  I was worried that the compositions would not fit together.  My biggest concern was with the sky 1 image because of they sky, but once I hung them all up on the wall next to one another I was very happy with the completed project.



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