Series Project Part III

For the final part of my series, I decided to go back to the first series style that I created.  However, this time I created one large canvas instead of 3 smaller ones.  Like for the first part of the series, I used an image that I took myself, of the sky at dusk.  I loved this image and the minute I took the picture I knew I wanted to include it in part of my series.


To start with this project, I painted the abstract background first before taping anything off.  I tried to stay as accurate as possible with the colors and the composition of the piece.  After finishing the background, I needed to let the oil paint dry for a few days.  Since I used light colors and the days were more humid my painting took more than three days to dry. Once the background was dry I was able to apply the tape.  I like applying several pieces of tape, so there are options and ideas where I want the shapes to be and see how they will look before filling them in.

I used a lot of tape and removed a lot of it to create the several shapes that my picture ended up with.  I like to give myself a lot of taping options so I have an easier time visualizing what the final project will look like.  Even though the paint was dry, the tape in some places had a hard time sticking, which was a little bit frustrating, but worked out in the end.  Now, with everything taped off I needed to decide on colors that I wanted to use for the overlaying shapes.  After hearing the feedback from my classmates about the color choices that I should do for the shapes I decided to go with black and white.  I loved this decision and I feel that it really made my piece stand out and give it another sense of dimension.   This was such an elaborate and big scale project to work with, I plan on doing more paintings like this one in the near future! I also found it fun to see how my series developed over the span of this project.  This piece is definitely one of my most minimalistic pieces that I have created over the course of this semester.  I think what makes this minimal piece work is the large scale that I used.









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