Spray Koi

Spray Koi, 2018


In my new piece, I went with a completely new route compared to my last two layering pieces.  This triptych painting still deals with the layering idea, but instead of flowers I decided to switch to fish.  My original plan for this painting was to include lots of stenciled roses and arrange them through the panels, so they appeared to be traveling across. As I was drawing all the stencils and cut out one of the many roses, I was beginning to lose interest.  It may also have to due with the fact that I was inspired after my artist visit, with the international artist Oliver Ressler.  Even though his art deals with many political issues, he gave me great advise to keep on pushing the layering and gave me lots of artist references to look up.  While I was looking up all the artists on my large list, I researched Ross Bleckner and saw a piece that I thought was a painting of goldfish swarming in a pond feeding on fish food.  However, when I looked at the image closer I noticed that it was just a floral image, repeated several times slightly off register.  I fell in love with this piece and I thought of including the idea of koi fish in my work.  So after this inspiration I decided to make a fish stencil.

I was playing around with some of the random materials that I have, and I decided to use some of my glow-in-the-dark modge podge that I had laying around.  I used it to create a spiral like stream path on the panel, I liked the clear brushstrokes it left on the surface and the pattern is visible when the lights are turned off.  Then I proceeded with using spray paint and created many layers of different colors until my stencil fell apart from being completely saturated with spray paint.

This piece also really shows my love of large pieces and continues to embrace my love of triptych paintings.  I feel the reason I like making pieces in threes, is that it helps me compose a composition.  Sometimes when I have fewer than three canvases it can be hard for me to create a composition that is not “awkward” or complex enough.  I think the idea of three canvases also comes from my background layering with the tape.  Most of the lines and shapes formed are triangles, so I feel repeating that idea is something that I find visually appealing.

Process Photos!