Pompeii Trip

Going to Pompeii was a great experience for me. It is a place that I will never forget and one day will visit again. Not only was it a warm and sunny winter day, but it also was an amazing ancient city to see.

This elaborate city contained many curving, maze like streets that led the traveler to a new location. I had a great time “getting lost” in this ancient city, seeing all the remains of the great architecture and buildings that these people created. The streets of large stone and rocks instantly drew my attention, since there was no real plumbing system, these large stones were needed to cross the streets to keep the people dry.

Another fantastic piece of this city was the use of its amphitheaters. I learned that the blueprint the ancient Romans created is still used today and only slightly modified, which I find incredible! It really showed how the Roman designs literally withstood the tests of time. These large places of gathering were important for having fights, showing plays for the people, and educating them about the history and stories of the gods. Going inside these places made me feel very small, and had me awestruck that the Grand Theatre was built around the 2nd century B.C., and the Amphitheatre is one of the oldest known in the Roman world, built in 70 B.C.

Lastly, one of the incredible things I got to see in Pompeii was the Villa of Mysteries. In this location, a large 90 room mansion contains a large brightly painted and intricate fresco. Seeing this fresco was amazing since there is so much going on, but the guidebook, briefly explained the pictures. The scene is linked with Dionysus on the central wall with his spouse, Ariadne, and on the sides of this we see fawns, women and winged figures; dancing and drinking. This fresco showed how important the stories and rituals of these religious groups were. The story is the reason this artwork was created, and it helped keep the stories and traditions alive.

Overall, this one trip to Pompeii helped me see the important role art played in history. Not only did it allow us to see great buildings and architecture for us to learn from, but it also showed the importance of making things beautiful and useful. Seeing art in an ancient civilization really made me love and appreciate art even more, as it is a way for people to communicate, live and thrive.

Exploring the Art and Architecture of Ancient Pompeii